LG Reveals Super Thin TV that sticks to the wall with Magnets!

LG Reveals Super Thin TV that sticks to the wall with Magnets!

Recently LG unveild their proof of concept for the 55-inch Flatscreen TV that only is 4 pounds and 0.97mm thick. They are reffering to it as a “Wallpaper” that can be stuck against the wall via a magnetic mat and of course for how crazy thin it is.


The LCD Panel manufacturer based in Seoul showed off the prototype at a press event in Korea yesterday as a way to broadcast it’s future plans, including that commitment to OLED technology LG made earlier this year.

OLED (organic, light-emitting diode) screens contain a layer of light emitting organic compound, which allows the screen to be flexible and super flat. It’s very unlikely that these super thin TV’s will hit the stores anytime soon, but this does prove a great peak into the innovations and technology that OLED can bring to home entertainment.


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